Our Team at MusicDatak


Samuel Zniber

Founder & CEO

Samuel is renowned for shaping the music radio programming landscape across the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and France, contributing to the success of leading brands.

At MusicDatak, Samuel merges deep industry expertise with cutting-edge algorithms, offering stations tailored music analytics aligned with their market strategies.

A trusted consultant with experience in over 18 markets globally, Samuel's leadership and innovative vision drive MusicDatak forward, promising an advanced exploration of music data analytics.

Victor MusicDatak.jpeg

Victor Dumitrescu

Business Developer

Victor is at the forefront of digital music evolution since the Napster era of the early 2000s.

His unique blend of creativity backed by a solid technical foundation has seen him navigate every digital trend in the music business.

Victor's work with radio stations, including stints at Europa FM and Virgin Radio in Romania and contributions to Vice Mag and Electronic Beats.

Partner of Choice for Top Radio Brands


Elevate Your Radio Game with Precision-Driven Insights! 🎵

MusicDatak equips radio stations with actionable, data-backed insights, ensuring they're always in sync with both online and on-air audience vibes.

Welcome to MusicDatak, conceived during the lockdown as a dynamic response to the evolving needs of radio programming. Our core objective? To equip radio stations with actionable, data-backed insights, ensuring they're always in sync with both online and on-air audience vibes.

Think of MusicDatak as the modern toolkit for radio stations, designed to level the playing field with music streaming giants and their algorithmic might.

Leading this transformation is our CEO, Samuel Zniber. His expertise isn't just confined to one music format or one corner of the globe. With a track record as a consultant in 18 countries and a program director in major markets like the US, France, Australia, the UK, and Canada, Samuel brings a fresh, global perspective to the table.

Our unique approach crafts a strategy tailored to each radio station, diving deep into demographics, location, gender, and more. By aggregating insights from diverse platforms and social networks, we offer solutions that resonate with your specific audience.

Proudly, our impact is felt worldwide. Successful radio stations across France, the USA, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Portugal, Cyprus, Africa, and Switzerland have integrated MusicDatak into their programming, amplifying their reach and resonance.

Ready to step into the future of radio programming? With MusicDatak, experience the perfect blend of modern insights and the timeless charm of radio. Let's redefine radio together! 📻🌐

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