About MusicDatak

The Genesis

In the midst of the first global lockdown, a moment of crisis turned into an opportunity for innovation. As the research budget was slashed for the six radio brands under Samuel Zniber's stewardship, necessity bred ingenuity.

Faced with this challenge, Samuel, a visionary in the radio industry with over 25 years of global experience, saw a gap waiting to be filled. He seized the moment to create something revolutionary.

Teaming up with skilled developers and backed by BPI France, the French state bank for innovation, Samuel set out to build what would become MusicDatak.

Who We Are

MusicDatak is not just a SaaS company; it's the embodiment of a breakthrough in radio music research.

Born out of a dire need during unprecedented times, we've grown into a beacon of innovation and expertise.

Headquartered in France, MusicDatak is Samuel Zniber's brainchild, a fusion of his extensive management and consultancy experience with major radio brands and radio groups worldwide like RTL Group, NRJ Group, iHeartRadio, Chrysalis, and his profound understanding of the intricate dance between data, technology, and human emotion.

What We Do

At MusicDatak, we transcend traditional analytics. We don't just collect data; we breathe life into it, turning numbers into narratives and statistics into stories.

Our platform offers an intelligent blend of automated algorithms and human insights, providing radio stations with actionable and emotionally resonant music insights.

It's a journey through listener behaviors, preferences, and trends, gleaned from both streaming services and the pulse of social media.

Our Signature Approach

Our solutions are crafted with a deep respect for emotional and human intelligence.

This is not just about cold, hard data and algorithms; it's about understanding the heartbeat of music and its listeners.

Our methodology encompasses a wide spectrum of metrics – from the MusicDatak Score that represents the satisfaction of your audience, genre analysis, and BPM to mood, danceability, and gender distribution.

This comprehensive approach, powered by AI but guided by human expertise, ensures results that are not just accurate, but also profoundly relevant.

Global Reach and Reliability

Our journey has taken us beyond borders, showcasing our adaptability and effectiveness in various international landscapes.

MusicDatak's global footprint is a testament to our commitment to excellence and the trust our clients place in us.

Why Choose MusicDatak?

Choosing MusicDatak means opting for a partner that understands the radio music research.

It's choosing precision, customization, and a harmonious blend of technology and human insight. We don't just provide data; we offer a window into the soul of music and its listeners.

Join us, and together, let's create radio experiences that resonate deeply and truly with audiences around the world.

Music Radio research where music tastes and trends are discovered and tested.


Formerly known as call-out, is your next-generation tool that analyzes your top hits every week.


Your fully adjusted music library. Formally known as the auditorium test.


What tracks are you missing? What do you need to add and play more of?

In-Depth - Welcome to the future of music research
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Unlocking Insights Across All Music Formats.

MusicDatak Does It All!

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