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Music Radio research where music tastes and trends are discovered and tested.


Formerly known as call-out, is your next-generation tool that analyzes your top hits every week.


Your fully adjusted music library. Formerly known as the auditorium test.


What tracks are you missing? What do you need to add and play more of?

In-Depth - Welcome to the future of music research
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Here’s what our users have to say about MusicDatak®.

5 / 5

At Bauer Media we always chase innovative ways to give our listeners what they love to engage with so it made complete sense to work with Samuel and MusicDatak to explore where we can take this successful approach further. Their market precise analytics and predictive insights have given us transformational data, enabling us to offer music strategies that resonates with our listeners. It's not just about playing music anymore; it's about crafting experiences that truly connect, and MusicDatak are assisting us with this.

James Brownlow - Managing Editor Music & Entertainment at Bauer Media Audio Ireland
5 / 5

At Rouge FM in Switzerland, staying attuned to our audience's preferences is paramount. MusicDatak's research has been instrumental in achieving this, particularly with its real-time satisfaction scoring. This feature allows us to gauge how our weekly playlist resonates with our target audience, ensuring that every track we play aligns with their current tastes and preferences.

Additionally, MusicDatak's recommendation engine, StationRadar, has been a revelation. It empowers us to be hyper-connected with our audience, ensuring that our playlist is not just current but also predictive. StationRadar's insights into emerging trends and audience preferences help us to continually refresh our playlist with new additions that our listeners love.

Fabrice Benedet - Program Director Rouge FM, Artistic Director Rouge FM, LFM, Kiss Collector, Rock Star, Rouge Music. Média One Group
5 / 5

With MusicDatak, Tendance Ouest has transformed its music programming since January 2022. The research tools provided enable us to precisely target our audience, curate unique tracks through the StationRadar, and conduct comprehensive scans of our music library with the DataKorium®. This perfect blend of human expertise and data-driven insights empowers us to deliver an exceptional radio experience to our listeners.

Charles DOUCHY - TENDANCE OUEST - Radio Number One Normandy France - Program Coordinator - Music Programmer
5 / 5

In New Zealand, MusicDatak has helped us freshen our playlist by finding songs to add that our target audience are actively listening to. It has also helped us reach our P2 listeners as well as potential new listeners in a way traditional music research is unable to. We are receiving great feedback from our listeners already.

Vaughan Hobbs - MEDIAWORKS Group Music & Research Director - The Sound - The Breeze - The Edge - New Zealand
5 / 5

If you're building playlists for a business or a radio station, one of the essential elements that is an easy oversight is ensuring the music you're picking matches your target's taste (Not always your taste). We all believe we have the best taste, but seeing accurate data takes away bias and gives you the edge of ensuring you're not playing duds.

As a Music Director, I always wanted more from research regarding REAL-WORLD data…. In this day and age, technology is doing some incredible things, and this is a great and affordable option that WILL give you an edge over competitors. So much of our lives are online, and this program taps into that.

Mathew Eggleston - Music Scheduler at KIIS Australia & Founder at The Music Hub - Australia

At MusicDatak, our experienced team employs emotional intelligence and radio expertise to adapt data solutions to your specific strategic needs.

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What is MusicDatak?

Musicdatak is the first digital music research tool developed explicitly for radio broadcasters powered by algorithms.
MUSICDATAK® provides you with information and data analysis. Each week MUSICDATAK® processes the hits of each segment of your playlist.

Why Choose MusicDatak?

MusicDatak revolutionizes radio music research by addressing the inherent limitations of traditional human panel-based methods. We overcome challenges like panel stagnation and high costs, song misidentification, panel fatigue, incentive bias, and no predictive power. By leveraging AI and advanced algorithms, we offer dynamic, real-time insights and trend analysis capturing radio airplays and online music consumption. Choose MusicDatak for a more effective, cost-efficient, and forward-looking approach to radio broadcasting.

What is DataKallout?

DataKallout® is your next generation call-out that analyzes your top 50 hits every week.

DataKallout® is a fine ear on each hit: satisfaction score on your P1s and P2s, gender, mood, energy, bpm, music key, artist keywords, danceability, years, number of listens.

What is DataKorium?

DataKorium® is your next-generation Auditorium.

DataKorium® tests your library by delivering the data that makes your music programming software more intelligent.

DataKorium® covers the macro and micro fields of your library.

What is StationRadar?

StationRadar® is your recommendation engine that reveals your audience's hits before anyone else.

StationRadar® gives you audience satisfaction tracking on new releases.

What Frequency of Results Can I Expect for My Radio Station?

Immerse yourself in the rhythm of weekly insights with MusicDatak. Every week, we'll deliver the pulse of your station with our DataKallout®, detailing your top 50 tracks. Plus, three times a year, our DataKorium® offers an in-depth audit of your entire library. It's like having your research team in your pocket, always fine-tuning to your station's heartbeat.

Can MusicDatak cater to my station's specific market needs?

Yes, our team's global experience in diverse markets allows us to adeptly adapt our services to your station's unique requirements, ensuring an effective, tailored analytics experience that aligns with your goals and audience.

How will MusicDatak's personalized approach benefit my radio station?

MusicDatak's personalized approach, spearheaded by Samuel Zniber's extensive experience in radio programming across global markets, ensures that our analytics and insights are finely tuned to your station's specific needs. This tailored approach will elevate your station's relevance and connection with your audience, driven by a deep understanding of listener preferences and market dynamics.

Why is emotional intelligence important in music analytics for my station?

Our emotionally intelligent approach means you receive insights that truly connect with your listeners. By understanding the emotional pull of music, we help you create playlists and programming that deeply engage your audience, fostering loyalty and listener growth.

How do you get the Data From Our Target?

We take your Station Fingerprint for your target (age, cities, preferred music format, preferred music genres, gender).

We connect to Spotify's API, Shazam's API and other relevant platforms.

We extract data directly from the APIs.

We verify and validate all data.

We enrich your database.

What Types of Music Formats Does MusicDatak Support?

MusicDatak is designed to be incredibly versatile and accommodates a wide variety of music formats. Our platform is built with the radio industry’s diverse needs in mind, and we cater to stations that play all sorts of music genres and formats. Here are some of the music formats we support: CHR Top 40
Adult Contemporary (AC), Hot AC, Urban AC, Urban CHR, Classic Hits, Classic Rock, Soft AC, Jazz, Classical, Dance, Afrobeat, Indian.

How Can I Effortlessly Cancel My Membership?

Rest assured, cancelling your MusicDatak membership is straightforward and hassle-free. Simply drop us an email and we'll take care of the rest. Remember, a standard notice period of 3 months is all it takes to ensure a smooth transition.

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